Business Travel Summit Amsterdam

The Business Travel Summit Amsterdam 2016 brought together nearly 60 expert speakers, including experienced buyers, CEOs and start-up founders from right across Europe. Here is my main take-out:

           The current traditional TMC/customer relation is under huge pressure and not set up for a rapidly increasing (social) landscape


Here are the highlights from the Business Travel Summit Amsterdam 2016:

  • CEO panel: a huge tranformation is ahead on the IT & social media landscape, affecting business travel trends. We are moving to a global shared economy. No any information imbalance is foreseen, calling on TMC’s to 1) drastically transform as they need to cope with an increasingly demanding business traveller or 2) dissappear;
  • Current trend is that TMC’s are looking at full integration of travel activities to ‘own’ customer data. However, they don’t seem to have the appropriate technology in place yet;
  • CEO’s believe traditional TMC activities might be outsourced in the future and new gatekeeper of traveller data will appear. On the short run, a widely shared opinion is is that TMC’s need step up and anticipate to meet business traveller requests;
  • Travel will much more be a socal experience, integration work & business. Today’s business traveller works where the wifi is at any time at their convenience;
  • A positive outlook for (increasing) business travel is foreseen;
  • Workshops on airline and hotel pricing were held, confirming buyers don’t always have the knowledge on airline pricing
  • A striking common complaint with buyers is the poor current TMC performance, mainly due to lack of transparancy, confirming the previous remarks on TMC’s;
  • Round table sessions were organised with suppliers and buyers to discuss relevant trends in business travel