Airline discounting solutions for any international company

Pricing and discounting solutions


  • You are a multinational with a global airline contract and want to reduce your airline spend?
  • You are a mid-size corporate on a standard airline contract and want to investigate any options for discounting?
  • You will soon book your first airline business trip and simply want to get started?
Airline Pricing Consultancy is your partner in achieving your goals!

Irrespective of the size of your company we believe there are opportunities to lower your spend on airline tickets. Likewise, we believe that monitoring and reducing airline spend will always remain a priority for any business operating internationally and regularly booking flights. On the ‘how’ though, we know that it becomes a little bit more challenging because:

  • Airline sourcing often is part of ‘ordinary’ procurement activities. Even though typically 40%-50% of travel spend concerns airline tickets, there’s a lack of time and focus;
  • To be able to continously challenge your suppliers (and TMC’s) to get you the best deal, in-depth airline industry experience and know-how is needed on pricing strategies and flight steering.

Working with a TMC? Airline Pricing Consultancy works on a ‘no-cure-no-pay’ assignment upon request.

Airline Pricers have played the ‘Revenue Management’ game in The Netherlands for various airlines. Being experts on airline pricing, conditions and discounting, we know where to look for opportunities to enhance and track your airline contract and sourcing goals. We have seen all pieces of the corporate travel puzzle from an airline perspective. Even more so, we have put that puzzle together ourselves and effectuated it while working on SME, mid-corp and top tier multinational contracting. Moreover, we have an extensive network in the airline business.

Airline Pricers is happy to engage with any company that is looking for best pricing and discounting strategies and an excellent intermediate between you and your suppliers (airlines): together we explore your needs, this can be from simple to complex solutions or ad-hoc versus long term support. Keep in mind: there could be opportunities for any type of contract!

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To serve you most effectively, we believe a long term relationship is important. The airline industry is changing fast. We want to make sure that your sourced prices always reflect your travel needs. On any route there can be room for negotiation whenever the competitive landscape changes. We therefore believe achieving best results calls for a structured approach and continous focus. On top, in particular for multinationals, it’s important to carefully track your contracted KPI’s and manage your supplier performance.

We help to further professionalize your Travel Management Program